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(*)If you always do what you always did then you always get what you always got(*)

Trust can take years to build up, but just seconds to shatter

Forgive and forget life is to short to hold a grudge

You have to accept the past to change the future

Happiness does not mean everything is perfect it just means that you happen to look past the imperfections

Dont make someone a priortiy who makes you an option

No one is good at everything, but everybody is good at something

Id much rather be hated for who I am then to be loved for who I am not

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind

Life shouldnt be measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away

Why is it that I have to climb up a 100 mountains to get to you when all you have to do is smile to get to me

love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to

Happiness isnt having what you want its wanting what you have

It was not into my ear that you whispered, but it was my heart it was not my lips you kissed, but my soul

A single thought of you brings a million smiles to me

I love you not becuz you are perfect, but becuz you are perfect for me

A real man wipes away the tears he made you cry

People are to be loved things are to be used

Im old enough to know better, but young enough to not care

I know a good time when I see one and when im in the mood i can be one

It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but it is more painful to love someone and never find the courage to let them know how you feel

A sad thing in life is when u meet someone who means alot to u only to find out that it was never meant to be and you have to let go.

You learn to speak by speaking, to run by running to work by working and in just the same way you learn to love by loving

And the wonder of it all is that you just dont realize how much I love you

dont you hate it when you are in love with someone and they have absolutley no idea

Love will make you forget time, and time will make you forget love

To all the guys that have come and gone you will have a place in my heart but to the first guy that made me cry you will have that place forever

Its not telling you how I feel that scares me the most it is what you will say back

Its much easier to turn a friendship into love then it is to turn love into a friendship

Cute guys open my eyes smart guys open my mind, but only sweet guys open my heart

If lovin you is wrong I dont wanna be right

You never lose by loving you lose by holding back

When santa ask what I want for Christmas I know exactly what to say I dont want presents but the boy who takes my breath away:)

I just want so many things in life, but you are the first on my list


A love denied only grows stronger

You might regret what you do, but you will regret what you dont do so much more

You never lose by loving, you always lose by holding back

In 3 words I can some up everything I learned about life it goes on

If you love me let me know if you dont let me go

If I could give you a gift I would give you the ability to see yourself as I see you so that you could see how truly special you are 2 me;)

Theres always that special somone that no matter what they do to you, you can never let them go

I like you, and you dont know it my heart does, but I just dont show it

Time heals all wounds but those wounds still leave scars reminding you everyday of mistakes you made

Ever notice the only boys you ever complain about are the ones you care about the most

Gettin the perfect wave and the perfect guy are similar they are both hard to find and when you do find it hang on to it

Love is a game take a chance or you may never know what you had

No one is to young for love becuz love doesnt come from ur mind which knows your age, but from your heart which knows no age

It is weird when ur a kid you have a picture of what ur life is gonna be & it never crosses ur mind that its not gonna end up like that

Even though I try I cant let go~Something in ur eyes captured my soul~and everynight I see U in my dreams ~Ur all I know I cant let go

Theres no point in trying to rush fate, becuz the best things are worth the wait

Our eyes are placed in front becuz it is more important to look ahead then to look back

I try to let go I try to break free, but there is something in you its just got such a hold on me

Cause I miss you body and soul so strong that it takes my breath away and I need you wether its wrong or right

Someone asked what I saw in you... My only answer was...EVERYTHING

Real tears are not the ones that fall from your eyes and cover the face, but the ones that fall from the heart and cover the soul

Why is it that no matter how much pain it endures by holding on .. The heart refuses to let go???

Ask me why I keep on luvin U when U dont feel the same way the problem is that as much as I cant force U to love me I cant force myself to stop luvin U

The truth of the matter is I still have feelings for U & no matter how many times I tell myself that I am better off w/out U a part of me just wont let go

Moving on is simple it is what U leave behind that is hard

If you hold back feelings becuz you are afraid of being hurt you end up hurting anyway

If I had nothing but you I would still have everything

The 3 most important things to possess: strength, wisdom, and courage. Wisdom to know what U want, Courage to take the chance, and strenght to deal w/the consequenses

Love me for my mind and not my body, but play with my body and not my mind

This time its over im keepin my heart im gonna be strong and not fall apart ill no longer cry & in a couple of weeks I wont want to die

Whenever I feel like I am ok with letting go there is always something there to remind me of a reason why I shouldnt

Maybe there could be a second chance for us to be together cuz time wasnt ready for us the first time

If you never expect anything then you will never be disapointed

If you love someone let them know cause hearts are often broken by words left unspoken

Which hurts more saying something and wishing you hadnt or saying nothing and wishing you had???

Everyone knows that i am shy I can barley approach any guy but I wanna find a way to get U to notice me & I wanna get w/you if U could only see

Theres somethin about him that no 1 can see that makes me go crazy no one knows why I feel the way I do maybe its just cuz I really like U

I wont mess with your head or play with your heart cuz im a real girl and I finish what I start

I thought I was alright and was moving on strong but then I realized I was fooling myself my thoughts were all wrong

The sweetest guys will most likley be the ones to hurt you most cuz when there gone you realize you lost something rare

There is a reason that I dont tell you I like you and it is cuz I doubt you feel the same way

Just becuz I flirt doesnt mean im interested;)

(L):)Be an organ donor give your heart to God(L):)

Time has a way of making things happen it may take a while but if the heart is ready love will find the way.

2 let go is not 2 deny but accept, 2 let go is not 2 regret the past, but 2 grow and live 4 the future, 2 let go is 2 fear less and love more

(L)Love comes to those who hope even thought they've been disapointed to those who still believe even though they've been hurt(U)

(L)Emotion of love for someone is easy the hard part is getting rid of the old emotion you had for someone else(U)

(*)Giving up doesnt mean you are weak just that you are strong enough to let go(*)

(U)I never stopped having feelings for you I just stopped letting them show(U)

I gIvE mY sMiLeS:) tO sO mAnY*mY eMoTiOnS:'( tO fEw*BuT mY hEaRt(L) StIlL sTaNdS hErE cUz AlL i WaNt Is YoU

You were born an original so dont die a copy;)

(*)God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth so we could listen twice as much as we talk(*)

Screw milk ill do your body good!!!;)

(*)Every now and then I wish it was then rather then now(*)

Kisses and hugs *So much love* ill be true when push comes to shove

Its amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with every piece of it

If theres someone you really wanna be with *They're worth waiting for*

I can be a room with a 1000 guys and your still the only one I think about

I dont know how you do what you do im so in love with you

You touch my heart in ways that words could never say

What do I see in you that no one else sees *everything*

Its like the way I feel about you its something I cant explain kinda like how I smile whenever I hear your name

Love is one of those crazy things that no matter how hard you try you cant find the words to tell what your feeling are inside

I cant describe the way I feel, but my heart tells me that this love is real

I just cant help the way I feel I knew it from the start the first time you looked at me you stole my heart

Guys are the most addicting drug in the world, but the high is unlike anything else

God made family to comfort, but he made friends to understand

You were looking good from afar now your far from looking good:D

A girls love is in her heart(L)***A guys love is in his pants

:)Save water shower with someone:)

Life is not easy and it never will be, but just remember you have friends and one of them is me:)

He holds me when I start to :'( make me :) w/just his eyes shares my hopes and dreams, wipes away my tears I luv him w/out regret I just havent found him yet

:)1 day ur gonna luv me like I luved you, 1 day ur gonna think of me as I thought of you, 1 day ur gonna want me, but I wont want you:)

(L)*You want it but you fear it, but you love it when ur near it*(L)

If you want me to fall for you****You gotta give me something worth trippin over:)

sometimes u feel a feeling that is so undescribable u never want it to leave then u realize ur in luv and the feelin becomes a need that u feel everytime u breathe

:)(L)*Luv is like peeing ur pants everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth*(L):)

If you love your man set him free if he doesnt come back you know hes with me:)

:)Its nice to be important:)but it is more important to be nice:)

(K)<*>I wAsNt kIsSiN hIm***I wAs JuSt TeLlIn HiS lIpS a SeCrEt<*>(K)

:)GOOD gIrLs ArE***BAD gIrLs*** ThAt NeVeR gEt CaUgHt:)

:PUr OnLy BAD iF yOu GeT cAuGhT sO tHaT mAkEs Me A GOOD gIrL riGhT;)


U say ur over me when the hell were you under me??

:)Most ppl walk in and out of your life, but only friends leave footprints on ur heart(L)

A girl & a Guy can be just friends, but @ 1 point they will fall 4 each other maybe temporairly, maybe @the wrong time or maybe 4ever

*Everything* is ok in the end* if its not* then its not the end*

;)Promise that you'll never forget me***becuz if I thought you would I would never leave:)


(*)Never say you hate him if you cant let him go(*)

:)I will always LOVE you, but I wont always LIKE you:)

Boys have only 2 faults *ALL they SAY and ALL they DO*

(K)*Theres East to West*North to South*But my favorite direction is mouth to mouth*(K)

(L)Love(L) leaves a memory that no one can steal, but it also leaves a (U)heartache(U) that no one can heal:(

(W)*A flower without a stem is beauty waiting to die***A heart without love is a tear waiting to cry*(U)

?Why do we always go out of our way to hold on to the wrong ones, & let the right ones slip right through our fingers??

I wish things could be different***Like the way they used to be**But times they sure are changing I guess you werent meant for me

(U)You can only *Love* & *Hate* someone so much when suddenly...Nothing seems to matter anymore(U)

:DGuys are like a deck of cards youll find ur occasional king, but most are jacks:D


(L)Ill never forget you remember thats true***True love is always forever***So I guess that means ill always love you(L)

(*).:Sometimes you gotta risk it all to have it all:.(*)

Why are things that need 2 be said so hard 2 say? Things between me & u will never be said, but I will be outta here soon and over U!!!

(*)Why not learn to enjoy the little things there are so many of them(*)

:(Someday you'll cry 4 me like I cried 4 you, someday you'll miss me like I missed u, someday youll want me, but I wont want u:)

Dont go for looks they can deceive dont go for wealth even that fades, Go for 4 someone who can make you smile cuz that can make a dark day seem bright

(*)(L)*It is easier to love someone you cant have(*)then to love some you cant love*(L)(*)

*Take the good with the bad*Smile with the sad*Love wut you got*Remember wut you had*

(U)*I give*U take*Im real*ur fake*I luv*U dont*I commit*U wont*I need U*U dont give in*I lose you win again*(U)

:)A wise girl kisses*but doesnt love*listens but doesnt believe*and leaves before she is left:)

Somewhere there is someone who dreams of ur smile & finds in ur presence that life is worthwhile so when ur lonely member its true some 1 somewhere is thinkin of you

If you need a shoulder if you need a friend ill be here till the bitter end

Sometimes when you love somone so much the best way to show it is to let go

The problem is not dying for love,but finding love that is worth dying for

(U)You never really know how lucky you are to have someone until they are gone and all you have left are memories*(U)

You placed ur hand on my heart you let go it came apart you fade quickly as you appear now all I have left is yet another tear

Of all the guys I have ever met ur the one I wont forget

Your not to good to be true***Ur just to good to forget

To look back and think wut you could have had hurts***But life goes on!!!

A heart that is truly in love does not give up hope, but always believes in the promise of love no matter how long it takes or how far the distance

It hurts so bad knowing we have a mutual feeling, but we can never build a relationship

I get this feelin we'll be 2gether again No straight lines make-up my life all roads have bends & so far no dead ends

Some people come in our lives & quickly go others stay for a while & leave footprints on our heart & we are never ever the same

U arent anyone special ur just a guy dont lead me on especially if its a lie leave me alone like u've always done cuz U hurt me 2 much 2 be the right 1

A memory is a way of holding on to things that U love the things you are and the things U dont wanna lose

My mind is afraid of secrets I dont wanna tell*My bodys full of longing for you to know me well

I looked at him and he looked at me for a second it was like we forgave each other for everything

Sometimes you gotta try ur hardest to not care even though you really do

Im livin every moment like its my last I wont let my future be based on my past

*I wanted everything to stay the same*but feelings fade*and ppl change*

I use to be nice till I made a switch all these dumb A**holes turned me into a B****

If I dont got nuttin nice to say im still gonna say it:)

If ur gonna stab me in the back do me a favor while ur back there bend over & kiss my A**

Hearts change I know they do, but a part of mine will always belong to you

*I think about the old days*And all the old ways*The things we used to do*The things that didnt last*Its all in the past*

Never regret anything cause at one point it was all you ever wanted

You hoe's should be called humpty dumpty's cuz first you get humped then you get dumped!!!! HA!HA!HA!:)

:)Maybe I loved you...ha! ha! ha! Arent I cute when I lie:)

(L) ikd ut ur (*). †ured igh† 2 d. mpl whir ƒrm ur vi & ƒd awa(L)

If it were suppose to feel good they wouldnt call it a crush

Anyone can catch your eye, but it take someone special to catch ur heart

Hearts change I know they do, but a part of this heart will always belong to you

*A girl is not all it seems*and not a toy by all means*under all the makeup and hair*there is a sign that says*HANDLE WITH CARE*

You gotta take the good with the bad, smile with the sad love what you got and remember what you had

тryו иg 2 ғorgeт soмe1 u lovə וs lוкe тяyוиg 2 яeмemвeя soмəone u never мeт

I remember the way U made me feel when I was w/u the smile that brought me bak 2 u the look in ur eye I never thought this could be untrue

Theres always that 1 person that no matter wut they say or do or how many times they hurt u, u just cant let them go cuz they mean so much 2 u

I wanna tell U wut im feelin I dont know where to start i wanna tell u but im afraid u'll break my heart y should anything so easy ever be so hard to do?

Its the way that he makes you feel, Its the way that he kisses you, Its the way that he makes you fall in love

I dont wait for answers I just take my chances

Be an organ donor give ur heart to God!!!