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Here are some poems that relate to me!!!

La La La La



I had a dream that would never come true,
I dreamt that u loved me-
the way i loved you!
Moonlite Mist
Fell over the land,
I looked at u,
And u grabbed my hand,
We walked through the stars,
All the way to the Milky Way,
side by side,
then u started to say,
Stay wit me forever,
and i'll stay wit u.
Luven each other,
is the only thing we'll do
Then i woke up....
and started to cry
cuz I realized that the whole thing
was just a lie.....
I had a dream that will never come true,
I dreamt that u loved me,
the way I LOVE U!!!

Red Rose, Spinning

End of You and Me
Why did we cross the line?
Everything would be just fine
One moment of pleasure for all this pain
Can you tell me now what did we gain?
Eeverything would be ok
Normal as it was
But no we had to go to far
We had to cross that line
I would never turn back time
For every moment I learn
Its just things are so different
Between me and you
Why didnt I open my eyes
Why didnt I only see
That what we were accomplishing
Would be the end to you and me
Remembering The Things We Use To Do
I think about the old days, and all the old ways
The things we use to do nd how we use to be cool
The things that didnt last
Everything thats in the past
Yet fresh in my mind
Trying to put it all behind
The way I told you how I feel
And how it seemed so real
I miss everything about you
And all the things we use to do
The gleam in your eye
Makes me feel like I can fly
Never wanting to land
Is together felt so right
Especially after that one night
When I felt your touch
Which meant so much
That I didnt wanna let go
A feeling that no one will ever know
Like an explosion inside
Because you were at my side
Yet you werent mine
But then cupid shot me with a dart
You stole my heart
Then tore it into two
I feel like such a fool
Its been so long
Are you where you belong
Always on my mind
Where no one can find
But you always seem to surface
Then its you I miss
I think about you
Hope your thinkin of me too
Reminsing about me and you
And remembering the things we use to do
Dont ever fall for you best friend it is the worse thing!!! The first poem has something to with that. :(